Casting Bread Market, Café and Bakery rely on over 15,000 volunteer hours each year to serve our clients. Are you interested in volunteering at Casting Bread? Complete the form below and we will connect with you to discuss how you can help increase food security!

Responsibilities: Personal shopping, stock shelves, unload, clean, trash removal and share smiles
Schedule: Minimum of two hours on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 9am and 3:30pm


Responsibilities: Cook, food prep, host, serve meals, clean dishes and dining area, and share smiles
Schedule: 9:30am – 1:30pm on either Wednesday or Thursday


Food Lion Pick-ups
Responsibilities: Pick up transport containers, in-store collection, load, deliver, unload, weigh, record, and store food at pantry, and represent Casting Bread to Food Lion. Volunteers work in teams of two and it typically requires a medium SUV for transport.
Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from
9:15am – 10:45am


Bakery Baking
Responsibilities: Mix ingredients, bake bread, package bread, deliver bread to farmer’s market or to buyer. Bakers are trained at one of our two baking locations.
Schedule: Typically, Tuesday mornings late spring to late fall and as needed when orders arrive

Bakery Sales (Farmer’s Market)
Responsibilities: Set up table and tent, receive bread from baker, greet potential customers, sell bread, and represent Casting Bread at the farmer’s market.
Schedule: Typically, one Tuesday afternoon a month for the season (May – November)

Poster/Banner Distribution
Responsibilities: Deliver posters and banners to local businesses in Boone and Blowing Rock leading up to the Ducky Regatta and Celebration Dinner each year
Schedule: Typically, in March/April and July/August


Client Marketing Delivery/Fulfillment Team
Responsibilities: Deliver promotional flyers to coin laundromats, social services offices, shelters, churches and care facilities in Watauga, Ashe, Wilkes, Caldwell, and Avery Counties while representing Casting Bread
Schedule: Volunteers are needed quarterly and can work around their schedules.


Ducky Regatta/Celebration Dinner Leadership Team
Responsibilities: Meet to evaluate the previous event and plan for upcoming event, solicit volunteers and sponsors, set up, tear down, operate program elements, event organization, and represent Casting Bread at the events

Volunteer Interest Form
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