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JUST $23
can feed a family of four for a month.


Thank you for considering the opportunity to support the critical work of Casting Bread, which annually distributes more than 230,000 pounds of food to families in the High Country. Your generosity will allow us to sustain our current level of service, while improving and expanding the support we offer our neighbors.


In Watauga County, one of every five people has experienced food insecurity in the last month. Let that sink in...One out of five of your neighbors woke up at least one morning in the last 30 days and did not know how they would eat or feed their family. Thirty-two percent of Casting Bread’s clients are below the age of 18. The need is real, and you can help.


Casting Bread’s work is only possible because of caring people like you. Your support truly increases our ability to serve more.

Curious Adolescent

My mom works two jobs. We have to pay rent and electricity -- that’s the priority. So, sometimes we only eat dinner every other day.


I secretly hope a friend might invite me over for a sleepover on the weekends so I can have a meal when I’m not at school.

Mother and Two Kids

My husband got laid off during the pandemic and we got behind on our bills. We are grateful for the food we got at Casting Bread while getting back on track.

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