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a bit about us


Casting Bread offers a community-focused, client choice food pantry (market) and soup kitchen (cafe).

We are located on Aho Road, between Boone & Blowing Rock, in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


Last year, our small team was grateful to open our doors and provide groceries, at no cost, to nearly 7,000 individuals and families experiencing food insecurity in our communities.​​​​​​​​​​​​

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client- choice
community focused

                casting bread market

wednesdays & thursdays


Our Client Choice ​Food Pantry intends to provide an experience similar to shopping at any other market.

We believe that this less-conventional pantry model, prioritizes dignity, autonomy and respect.

         Client Choice pantries reduce food waste. When people are able to choose for themselves, they only take foods they want, rather than receiving a pre-selected box.

         People are able consider their own preferences, dietary or health needs, storage & refrigeration capacity, etc. when they shop for themselves.

         When we invite folks in, we get a chance to know them. Many of us have been where they are.Many of us are "them". Because here, clients can become volunteers or staff. Many of our volunteers and staff have been, maybe are still, food insecure themselves. College interns gratefully discover that they can be clients as well. At Casting Bread, everyone is welcome to be a part of our story, no matter how they got here. 

We will gladly provide an emergency food box to anyone.

To provide food on a regular basis, we must require income caps based on household size, and North Carolina residency. 

In nearly 18 years of operation, we have never turned someone away. Whether you're here in need, or you're interested in how you can help, we are so glad you found us.

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